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Chania Airport is found on the island of Crete, which is the largest of the Greek islands. It is also an island in the Mediterranean, and a popular destination for local and international Tourists. Chania Airport is the second largest on the island, handling approximately three million passengers per year, while Heraklion Airport is the largest, handling just over seven million passengers per year. Another name for Chania Airport is the Ioannis Daskalogiannis Airport, in honour of a heroic Cretan rebel who fought against the Ottoman Empire in the 18th century, and its official airport code is CHQ. It is a relatively small airport, therefore not equipped with a huge array of facilities, but there are adequate parking areas available. The parking facilities are mostly nearby the terminal building as well.

Chania Airport is located approximately fourteen kilometers from the city center of Chania, and can be reached from the main road known as the Chanion Aerodromiou. Along the way, motorists will also notice that the airport is signposted as ‘Aerodromiou’. The majority of the road signs in Greece, and on the island of Crete, are written in Greek and English. Another major road nearby Chania Airport, but not really leading directly to the airport, is the National Highway, or E75. This highway runs along the length of the northern coastline of the island, and generally connects all the main towns and cities of Northern Crete. It then turns inland, and heads towards towns on the other side of the island. Chania Airport is positioned on the Akrotiri peninsula, nearby Souda Bay.

Motorists driving to Chania Airport from the city center will need about 25 to 30 minutes of travelling time, and another few minutes to find an adequate parking space at the airport. Some of the parking areas available are a distance from the terminal building, therefore time should also be allowed for transport to the check-in area.

At Chania Airport there are long-term and short-term parking areas available. Right in front of the single terminal building, motorists will find the short-term parking area, and this is also a paid parking area. In terms of price, this is the most expensive place to park at Chania Airport, and is recommended for use of only a few hours. However, it is definitely the most convenient place to park if you would like quick access to the terminal building. For a number of years, passengers and visitors of the airport who wanted to avoid the payment of parking charges even used to park their vehicles on the approach road of the airport. This is however no longer permitted, as stricter ‘no parking’ rules came into effect in 2010. Cars parked in this area will receive a fine, which will probably be more expensive than your parking fees!

At many airports in Europe, passengers can be dropped off or collected at the curbside of the terminal building, and at others, this practice has been prohibited due to reasons of safety and security. Airports that no longer permit this action now provide less expensive, or even free of charge areas where motorists can park for a few minutes, usually found in the short-term parking lot. From here, passengers and their baggage can be off-loaded, or the driver can wait for the arriving passengers. Airports that do allow curbside parking, will not allow any vehicle to be left unattended in the area, or for drivers to park their vehicles for any lengthy time period. Vehicles found empty will be towed, and vehicles waiting too long will be asked to move. The ‘drop-off zones’ at airports are only for a quick off-load of passengers and their baggage, and not for waiting for arriving passengers.

There are long-term parking areas at Chania Airport as well, and these areas are a less expensive option for passengers who intend to leave their vehicles for longer periods of time at the airport. The long-term parking areas are more remote, which means that they are located a bit further away from the terminal building than the short-term parking lot. Some passengers, perhaps those with less luggage to carry, may still feel as if the parking area is within walking distance, but for other passengers, there are regular shuttle buses which provide transport from the parking lots to the terminal building. The trip by shuttle bus is just a few minutes, but motorists should arrive in sufficient time for the short transfer. The cars or shuttle bus vans used will also escort you back to the parking area upon your return, and are able to cater for disabled passengers. The shuttle buses are a free service for all passengers and visitors.

Chania Airport is generally well equipped for disabled passengers, or for those with reduced mobility challenges. There are pavement ramps and adapted toilet facilities, and further assistance can be arranged with the passenger’s airline company in advance of his/her arrival/departure flight. Capable airline and airport staff members will then provide additional assistance that meets the passenger’s requirements. Reserved parking spaces are available in the parking areas of Chania Airport as well.

In total, there are approximately 240 short-term Chania Airport parking spaces in the area nearest to the terminal building, and around 100 spaces in the long-term parking areas. The majority of passengers driving to Chania Airport find the parking facilities to be adequate, and the parking rates to be reasonable.

Car Parks at Chania Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Cityzen 731 00 Akrotiri, Greece Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Greece Air Parking 731 00 Akrotiri, Greece Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Akrotiri Station 731 00 Akrotiri, Greece Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00

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